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Availability – service experience – response time – warranty

Dataglobe is the most trusted power protection company in Canada

  • 100% Uptime!

    We invest our time and resources to provide our customers with the very best 7X24 maintenance services to protect their investments. Dataglobe is known for their first class UPS Maintenance (Uninterruptible Power Supply) across Canada.

  • Sales

    Dataglobe offers a wise choice of new, certified and recycled equipment: we work with your budget to provide permanent or temporary solution’s that meets your economical needs.

  • Services

    Our technical services, including UPS Maintenance (Uninterruptible Power Supply), are performed according to the IEEE and CSA standards. We make no compromise on standards!

  • Lease

    Dataglobe provides 3 to 36 months lease agreements for UPS and battery systems. We make it easy for people to do business with us. Just ask about our programs!

  • Accreditations

    Dataglobe is 100% compliant to : Corrigo – Comply Works – Cognibox – Pics. We work with our customers to ensure business continuity through your business platform.

  • Eco Friendly

    Dataglobe believes in working locally; to make an impact globally. We choose the 3 X RRR policy: Reduce consumption – Reuse what we have – Recycle end of life products.


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