Proactive maintenance with strategic planning;
and powerful technologies.

We apply I.E.E.E. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer) and CSA standards in our everyday work. At Dataglobe, structured and safe procedures are applied whether you purchase equipment or purchase a service plan: that’s PEACE OF MIND for our customers.


Dataglobe is ‘the’ chosen supplier for continuous power and cooling solutions.

Since 1994, we have built a solid reputation as the only company to offer services and integrated solutions instead of equipment only.

This is what makes Dataglobe a partner to hundreds of companies accross Canada.


Dataglobe is known for the reliability and quality of emergency services = without interruption.

Your First Class choice for an MTTR performance that keeps your system on line!

Our technical services, under the umbrella of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, is managed to  the IEEE and CSA maintenance standards.


Dataglobe recycles batteries, equipment, parts and components. Exchange and buy-back equipment programs are available.

New or certified:  Dataglobe provides proven equipment that has earned international recognition.

At Dataglobe you do business with a flexible, innovative and reliable company.

Dataglobe’s team remains focused on the mission critical challenges that our customers face every day.

Our employees keep pace with the latest technologies and applications from industry leaders:
AFCOM, 7X24 Exchange International, Uptime Institute and DataCenter Dynamics.


Give our customers peace of mind by using advanced technologies and 7X24 structured services and procedures for their electromechanical infrastructure.
Provide customers with uninterruptible power and cooling solutions; taking into consideration risk mitigation.
Make it easy for people to do business with our organization: be flexible and innovative without compromise on reliability.


We evaluate the economic risks and economic benefits of each solution.
Our maintenance solutions save time and money as well as the inconvenience to search for different suppliers.
Secure your business’ infrastructure. Ask for Dataglobe’s 10 year preventive plans

Dataglobe is the most trusted power protection company in Canada