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Spare parts: what are your expectations?


When to replace critical ‘end of life’ power components?

As car tires and brakes wear and need to be replaced, so does UPS components.

This will depend on each UPS manufacturer however the typical proactive replacement schedule of your critical power components is:

  • Fan – after 4 years
  • Battery – after 3 to 5 years
  • DC capacitors – after 5 years
  • AC input/output capacitors - after 7 years

Environmental factors

Aside from wearable components, UPS maintenance experts in the field often have to face problems caused by environmental factors. That is mostly the case when UPS are installed and work in conditions of significantly high or low temperatures, in a room with poor ventilation, conditions of excessive amounts of dust, moisture, humidity or corrosive fumes.

Such factors will shorten UPS critical components life expectancy. A UPS system should be installed in a controlled environment-temperature room. It is also important not to obstruct ventilation openings.

UPS batteries also have a life expectancy that depends on ambient temperatures. The ideal UPS operating temperature is approximately 25 °C. Keeping approximate ambient temperatures at the specified level plays an important role in maximizing your system uptime.

Maintenance-free battery?

Is your UPS equipped with a maintenance-free battery? What does it mean?

Most valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) or single-phase UPS batteries are often labeled as “maintenance-free” batteries. However, this doesn’t mean that such batteries don’t need to be monitored, maintained, cleaned or regularly tested. What the “maintenance-free” label actually means is that this kind of battery doesn’t contain any type of fluid which would require replacement.

Other than that, it is crucial for this type of battery to receive a regular amount of “maintenance” and care, just as any other UPS battery type.

Appropriate UPS load

Is your business growing? We are always glad to hear that and support you in your growth.

In that case, you need to wonder – does your UPS currently protect the same load as it did at the time of the first installation? Has the load significantly increased? Or maybe, for some reason, the load has now decreased. In this case, your UPS is consuming more power than you really needed.

Regular preventive maintenance done by Dataglobe experts enables you to always have UPS exactly tailored to your needs.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

 Keeping a spare parts kit for your UPS is part of a good planning strategy.  When your UPS system reaches 7yrs – 10yrs and beyond; the manufacturer has long gone stop producing the model you purchased.

Their R&D department has already launched a new system.  The labor to repair your UPS units is always available however the parts required for repairs becomes very hard to source, difficult to get in 24hrs notwithstanding the price of parts becoming prohibitive.

As a customer, do you have the means to keep pace with the latest models and capital expenditure to avoid UPS repairs?  Perhaps a spare parts kit may enable you to manage the risk and control your destiny.


Ways to ensure the long-lasting function of your UPS crucial components:

  • Preventive routine inspection
  • Proactive preventive maintenance with strategic planning
  • Strong service plan
    • Fast response service team available 24/7, 365 days a year

    Preventive maintenance is an essential step to assure maximal expectations of your UPS components and parts. Maintenance experts at Dataglobe offer top-notch service work in accordance with IEEE Standards 1188 & 450. Also, we always follow all the federal, provincial and local regulations in handling hazardous substances.

    Dataglobe uses a proactive inspection approach, by identifying components before they generate any problems and cause possible failures and downtimes.

    Preventive inspection and maintenance services by Dataglobe are carried out with utmost care assuring that your UPS continues working in tip-top shape. Let us make sure your systems runs smoothly and, most importantly – is reliable.

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