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Looking for reliable installation & maintenance plans for your Eaton Powerware batteries?

Managing Eaton Powerware battery installation & maintenance projects the right way is difficult, but not for Dataglobe.

We have years of experience with Eaton Powerware batteries and understand all the associated performance and specification metrics.

As a result, our experts are capable of managing all steps of the process, from removal and recycling to selection and installation.


Avoid power failure & revenue loss with Dataglobe

Uncompromised uptime

Our focus on providing clients with the absolute best Eaton Powerware battery maintenance and installation services is the reason that we put in 110% of our time and resources into every project in order to protect your battery investment.

Pre-planned battery solutions

Instead of treating battery as an afterthought, you’ll find the technicians at Dataglobe to be proactive and organized in their approach towards proving Eaton Powerware battery installation and maintenance solutions, so any issues can be taken care of before they arise, saving you time and money in the long run.

Fully trained staff

Nothing is more dissatisfying than having to call Eaton Powerware battery maintenance experts from another company and noticing that your internal team already knows more about the battery models than the so- called experts. With each technician having years of experience and credentials under their belt, this can never happen at Dataglobe.

Customized services for your exact needs!

Preventing battery failure is key to ensuring that no interruption is caused in your facility and operations.

The experts at Dataglobe specialize in analysing the ongoing interaction between UPS systems and their batteries to keep our promise of comprehensive battery maintenance solutions with regular monitoring and testing. Never let a battery failure trouble your business again.


Experience the consistent productivity & uptime that only comes from a well-maintained Eaton Powerware battery.