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Get the high 9s of availability your facility needs with Eaton UPS solutions

Dataglobe Canada is a leading provider of comprehensive Eaton UPS (including Powerware UPS) maintenance and service solutions throughout Canada. For the last 25 years, we’re on a mission to instill the trust and confidence in customers that from now onwards, power problems will never disrupt their operations and data.


Need more reasons to pick Dataglobe for Eaton Powerware UPS maintenance? We have many:

Extensive know-how in customer applications

Dataglobe is well-known in the industry for delivering the highest levels of customer value and satisfaction as well as proving the most insight when it comes to understanding and serving specific customer needs.

Continuous learning & innovation

With all our Eaton/Powerware UPS service plans, Dataglobe continues to leverage cutting edge tools to deliver next-generation uptime solutions.

World-class Eaton UPS (including Powerware) maintenance

At Dataglobe, our power management portfolio has been meticulously designed to meet custom requirements. Whether you need to complement a pre-existing solution or need to install new equipment from scratch, our experts have you covered.


Strategic, proactive Eaton UPS maintenance

Our specialists don’t wait around for power issues to happen before they can solve them. We are always alert and we keep monitoring your systems to nip any problems that may arise in the bud and prevent any power loss from happening in the first place.

Hundreds of businesses count on Dataglobe

Businesses that can’t afford to lose power put their trust in Dataglobe Canada for their power protection needs. These include clients like such as Dell, BMO, IBM, Rogers, CGI and many more.


Never lose power with our top-notch Eaton Powerware UPS services!