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Mitsubishi Electric’s DiamondPlus 1100 Series UPS (10-80kVA)

Mitsubishi 1100B UPS

The Mitsubishi Electric's 1100 Series is a Three-Phase, Modular UPS system. Built with True On-Line double conversion technology, this UPS is designed to allow clients flexibility to be able to scale up their load requirements in small increments of 10kVA.

The 1100 series comes in 2 model formats:

  • 1100A, which has a frame that supports 10-50kVA
  • 1100B, which has a frame that supports 10-80kVA.


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The main characteristics of Mitsubishi Electric’s 1100 Series are:
  • Modular & Expandable. This UPS comes with Hot Swappable power modules, which allows for maintenance to be performed on each module without taking the UPS offline.
  • Redundancy. The ability to add N+1 redundancy to improve system integrity by having the spare module installed. The spare module could also help provide seamless capacity expansion to accommodate growth demands.
  • Small Footprint. Designed for small spaces.
  • Transformer-less design. This UPS uses IGBT technology. This technology really helps keep the footprint small.
  • UL 924 Listed. For use in Emergency Lighting & Controls.
  • Lithium Ready. The 1100B model is capable of handling Lithium batteries.


DiamondPlus 1100 UPS Specifications

1100A (10 to 50kVA) UPS Specifications
Rated Output kVAup to 50
Rated Output kWup to 45
Configuration3 phase 4 wire plus ground
Voltage120V/208V +15%, -30%
Frequency60Hz +/- 10%
Power Factor.98 Typical
Reflected Current THD4% typ. at 100% load; 7% typ. at 50% load
Backup Time10kVA: 19 min / 20kVA: 5 min
Nominal Voltage288 Vdc
Minimum Voltage240 Vdc
Number of Cells144
Configuration3 phase 4 wire plus ground
Voltage Regulation+/- 1% for balanced load; +/- 2% for unbalanced load
Voltage Balance1%
Voltage THD2% maximum at 100% linear load; 5% maximum at 100% non-linear load
Transient Response+/-3% for step load; +/-1% for loss/return of AC input; +/-5% for retransfer from bypass to inverter
Transient Recovery Time16.7 ms
Frequency Regulation+/-0.01% in free running mode
Phase Displacement+/- 1deg for 100% balanced load; +/- 3deg for 100% unbalanced load
Power Factor0.90
Overload Capacity105% to 125% for 60sec; 126% to 150% for 30 sec
CoolingForced Air
Operating Temperature41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C). Recommended 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C)
Relative Humidity5% to 95% non-condensing; Recommended 30% to 90%
Altitude0 to 7283 feet (2220 m); 4921 to 7283 feet (1500 to 2220 m) de-derating
LocationTemperature-controlled, indoor area free of conductive contaminants
Clearance RequiredTop: 16 in. Front: 31.5 in. Rear: 8 in.
Weight (lbs)380 lb min to 685 lb max
Dimensions (WxDxH)19.7 x 27.0 x 55.1 (in)
Heat Rejection (kBTU/Hr)(10kVA : 2.6); (20kVA : 5.1); (30kVA : 7.7); (40kVA : 10.4); (50kVA : 13)
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