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Mitsubishi Electric’s 7011B Series UPS (6-12kVA)

Mitsubishi 7011B UPS

The Mitsubishi Electric 7011B Series is a Single-Phase UPS. A True Online Double Conversion system—designed for a small footprint and comes with internal batteries.

Need extra runtime? That isn’t a problem for the 7011B UPS, as it is capable of handling an external battery cabinet!

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The main characteristics of Mitsubishi Electric’s 7011B series are:
  • Transformerless design. This UPS is able to accommodate either 240/120V OR 208/120V on both the Input and the Output, all without a transformer—using IGBT technology.
  • Small Footprint. The ability to fit into tiny spaces without the need of taking up valuable space in your Server Rack—makes this UPS model ideal for small applications and data closets.

Optional Accessories available:

  • Rear Distribution Panel – Which adds a convenient, way to connect your loads, comes with (2) L6-30R and (6) 5-15/20 receptacles.
  • External Maintenance Bypass Switch – which is important if you can never shut down your load.
  • External Battery Cabinet – The external cabinet greatly improves the system’s backup time.
  • Network Communication. MODBUS; Remote Status Alarm Panel; SNMP; Communication Adapter.


7011B UPS Specifications

7011B 6kVA UPS Specifications
Rated Output kVA6
Rated Output kW4.2
Configuration1 phase 3 wire
Voltage240/120V, 208/120V +10% to -30%
Frequency50/60Hz +/- 5%
Power Factor.98 Lagging
Reflected Current THD4% typ. at 100% load; 7% typ. at 50% load
Backup Time10 minutes
Nominal Voltage216 Vdc
Minimum Voltage173 Vdc
Number of Cells108
Configuration1 phase 3 wire
Voltage240/120V, 208/120V
Voltage Stability+/-2% steady state
Voltage Unbalance2% typical at 100% unbalanced load
Voltage THD2.5% maximum with linear load
Transient Response+/-5%
Transient Recovery Time50 ms
Frequency50/60 Hz
Frequency Regulation+/-0.05% in free running mode
Phase Displacement1deg Typical at 100% load
Power Factor0.70
Power Factor Range0.7 to 1.0 lagging (within output kW rating)
Overload Capacity105%-150% for 1 minute
CoolingForced Air
Operating Temperature32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C). Recommended 59°F to 77°F (15°C to 25°C)
Relative Humidity30% to 90% non-condensing
Altitude0 to 3300 feet no derating
LocationTemperature-controlled, indoor area free of conductive contaminants
Clearance RequiredTop: 23.5 in. Front 39.2 in. Rear: 23.5 in.
Weight (lbs)298
Dimensions (WxDxH)13.8 x 29.9 x 27.8 (in)
Heat Rejection (kBTU/Hr)1.4
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