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Mitsubishi’s 9900AEGIS Series UPS (80-225kVA)

9900AEGIS UPS 225kVA

The Mitsubishi 9900AEGIS Series is an ENERGY STAR rated Three-Phase UPS and is available in modules of: 80, 100, 150, 160 and 225 kVA. The 9900AEGIS also comes built with True On-Line double conversion technology. Built to last, this UPS boasts one of the lowest life-cycle costing on the market.

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The main characteristics of Mitsubishi’s 9900AEGIS Series are:
  • Scalability. This UPS could accommodate up to 4 parallel modules of the same size. By planning your potential expansion ahead of time, you could seamlessly add additional modules to your system (to a limit of 4).
  • Low Maintenance. Comes with 15-year capacitor life & industrial grade fans that help to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining your UPS.
  • Transformer-less design. This UPS uses IGBT technology. This technology helps reduce the footprint of the UPS.
  • UL 924 Listed. For use in Emergency Lighting & Controls (80 & 100kVA models).
  • ENERGY STAR Rated. Focused on efficiency, the AEGIS series has a very low Heat Rejection—which leads to savings in cooling costs.
  • Lithium-ion Ready.


9900AEGIS UPS Specifications

9900AEGIS (80kVA) UPS Specifications
Rated Output kVA 80
Rated Output kW 72
Configuration 3 phase 3 wire
Voltage 480V +15%, -20%
Frequency 60Hz
Power Factor > 0.99 lagging
Reflected Current THD 3% typ. at 100% load; 5% typ. at 50% load
Nominal Voltage 480 Vdc
Minimum Voltage 400 Vdc
Float Voltage Up to 600 Vdc
Type VRLA, VLA, NiCad, Lithium Ion
Configuration 3 phase 3 wire
Voltage 480V
Voltage Regulation +/- 1% for balanced load; +/- 2% for unbalanced load
Voltage Balance 1%
Voltage THD <2% at 100% linear load; <5% at 100% non-linear load
Transient Response +/-2% for step load; +/-1% for loss/return of AC input; +/-5% for retransfer from bypass to inverter
Transient Recovery Time 20 ms
Frequency 60Hz
Frequency Regulation +/-0.01% in free running mode
Phase Displacement +/- 1deg for 100% balanced load; +/- 3deg for 100% unbalanced load
Power Factor 0.90
Overload Capacity 105% to 110% for 60 min; 111% to 125% for 2 min; 126% to 150% for 1 min
Cooling Forced Air
Operating Temperature 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing; Recommended 30% to 90%
Altitude 0 to 7400 feet (2250 m)
Location Temperature-controlled, indoor area free of conductive contaminants
Clearance Required Top: 19.7 in. Front: 39.4 in.
Weight 772 lb (350 kg)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 27.6 x 32.8 x 80.6 (in)
Heat Rejection (kBTU/Hr) @ 100% load 8.6
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