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Mitsubishi Electric UPS Maintenance Services

Need a Mitsubishi Electric UPS service provider with unmatched experience?

For the past 30 years, Dataglobe has kept a close eye on the dynamics of UPS systems and the overall evolution of the mission critical landscape. The insights gained through years of experience and the time we have spent working on Mitsubishi Electric UPS systems make our specialists truly qualified to help customers maintain their mission critical UPS infrastructure.


Take your power management capabilities to the next level!

Mitsubishi Electric UPS maintenance  

Whatever your industry, you can rest assured with Dataglobe that your operations will continue without any power loss. Regular maintenance of your Mitsubishi Electric UPS can prevent unplanned outages and repair costs.

UPS maintenance services that fit any budget

The specialists at Dataglobe offer great flexibility & choice when it comes to tailoring a preventive maintenance plan with upgrade opportunities always available on demand.

This laser-focus on your requirements is evident in our wide array of choices when it comes to new or recycled equipment, and in our flexible lease agreements which can be set to anywhere from 3 to 36 months.

Professionalism at its best

Dataglobe is a proactive organization which relies on only structured planning and safe procedures to maintain and service your Mitsubishi Electric UPS equipment. Our qualified team of specialists works strictly according to CSA and IEEE benchmarks. No compromise is made on these standards.

Don’t take a chance on power interruption

Dataglobe is your First Class choice when you can’t afford to lose power. Our top-notch Mitsubishi Electric UPS maintenance services makes Dataglobe your most trusted power protection company in Canada.


Achieve minimal downtime & optimum productivity with Dataglobe’s Mitsubishi Electric maintenance plans.