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Cutting edge preventative maintenance plans for your Riello UPS

Dataglobe is known for proactive inspection and maintenance of the Riello UPS (also known as Staco UPS and Piller UPS) equipment to find and fix potential issues before they arise. With affordable and flexible plans, our specialists can help ensure that your Riello UPS is operating at peak performance.

That’s why when it comes to expertise for Riello UPS (also known as Staco UPS and Piller static UPS); clients like  the Canadian Space Agency, IBM, Rona, the Governement of Canada and many more Canadian companies have chosen Dataglobe to be their UPS maintenance provider.


Benefits of our Riello/Staco/Piller UPS maintenance services

Enhance life of your Riello UPS  

Our UPS maintenance and service plans have a positive impact on the life of your equipment. And they also strengthen operating efficiency. This is done by identifying parts that need repair and recommending ideas for peak efficiency.

Adherence to professional benchmarks

A proactive organization relying on careful planning and safe methods to service and maintain your Riello UPS (also known as Staco UPS and Piller Static UPS) equipment; Dataglobe Canada leaves no stone unturned to meet the guidelines set forth by CSA and I.E.E.E.  In addition, we are 100% compliant to  Ariba, Corrigo, Comply Works, Avetta, Cognibox and ISN.

Environment friendly UPS maintenance

Dataglobe is one of the few UPS service providers who seriously consider the impact of their activities on the planet. This concern is evident in our dedication towards the 3 X RRR policy. As much as possible, the specialists at Dataglobe make an attempt to reduce consumption, recycle decaying products and reuse existing equipment.

Power is critical to your business

At Dataglobe, we know that equipment that forms part of the critical path is a key piece in your business operations. So a proper maintenance service plan is recommended for your Riello UPS, Staco UPS and Piller Static UPS to ensure consistent performance and preserve the bottom line of your business.

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Prevent sudden repair costs & improve business performance with regular maintenance your UPS systems in Canada.