Schneider UPS Maintenance Service

Dataglobe - Services Schneider UPS maintenance service

100% Schneider UPS uptime. Guaranteed.

Flawless Schneider UPS Service & Maintenance from experienced technicians.

Dataglobe is the leading one-stop UPS maintenance & UPS service provider across Canada. We go out of our way to deliver exceptional Schneider UPS services (MGE UPS and APC UPS) to our clients, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Schneider is the best UPS manufacturer when it comes to providing parts and factory trained technicians. For those reasons, Dataglobe awards contracts to Schneider.


Why choose Dataglobe for schneider UPS maintenance?

Our success is attributed to several factors:

The fastest response time in the industry

Dataglobe is one of the few Schneider UPS maintenance providers who can send a UPS service expert to your site in less than 2 hours.

Qualified team of Schneider UPS service professionals

Your Schneider UPS is serviced and maintained in strict conformity to the IEEE & CSA standards. All our professionals are trained and are certified engineers and technicians.

Cutting-edge power management technology

At Dataglobe, we make use of the most advanced suite of communication software and monitoring tools sold by Schneider. The aim is to maximize the efficiency of your UPS equipment with proven technology.

Focus on saving both your time and money

We take the time to understand your budget and your requirements for new or recycled UPS solutions: purchased or leased. What’s more? We’re flexible in agreeing to 3-60 months of lease agreements or maintenance for your Schneider UPS.

Responsibility towards the environment

As an eco-friendly business, we take the impact of our actions on the globe seriously. That’s why we are one of the rare UPS maintenance providers in Canada with strict adherence to the 3 X RRR policy. We make a contribution to reduce consumption, reuse equipment to the extent possible and recycle products which have reached their end of life cycle.


Trusted by hundreds of businesses

Our ability to provide custom Schneider MGE UPS and APC UPS service and maintenance plans is the reason that hundreds of organizations like Bell Canada, Government of Canada, Hydro Quebec, IBM, CGI and more to name a few, trusts Dataglobe to manage their 7X24 emergency UPS infrastructure.