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Toshiba UPS Maintenance Services

Toshiba 4400 UPS

Looking for an experience Toshiba UPS service provider in your area?

Dataglobe has been providing Toshiba UPS Preventive Maintenance to businesses across Canada for over 25 years!  Our team of specialists ensure a thorough inspection of your UPS system(s) to reduce the risk of costly unplanned outages. 

Our technicians provide detailed reports following each inspection.  These reports, which detail the status of your mission critical UPS equipment, combined with our 5-year plan, helps to facilitate financial budgeting and improve operational efficiency.

When you choose Dataglobe, you are selecting a team that is dedicated to helping you keep your equipment running, as it was designed to do.  We also carry an extensive inventory of Toshiba UPS parts.

Reach out and let us know what you are looking for!

Level up your critical power infrastructure!

Toshiba UPS maintenance  

Whether you are looking for maintenance for your Toshiba 4400 UPS, your Toshiba 1600XP UPS or any other model, our team is ready to serve you.  Establishing a regular maintenance program is critical to help ensure your UPS system works when called upon.

Flexible UPS preventive maintenance plans tailored to your needs and budget

Dataglobe offers its clients flexible Toshiba preventive maintenance plans, such as:

-Silver: preventive maintenance(s) only
-Gold: labour included
-Platinum: all inclusive (parts and labour)

Toshiba battery maintenance and replacement services

Batteries are a critical component of static UPS systems. Whether you need your batteries tested or replaced, or are looking for a fresh supply, our team is ready to assist with all your needs, including disposing of your old batteries in accordance with environmental regulations.

Quality and professionalism

Our technicians are fully trained to meet and, in many instances, exceed CSA and IEEE standards and benchmarks. Furthermore, they keep all testing equipment fully calibrated to ensure accurate results when testing UPS equipment.

Don’t risk a power outage

Dataglobe strives to deliver top quality maintenance services to all of our clients, regardless of UPS size. Our vast network of service technicians helps deliver services, even to Canada’s most remote locations.  With quick response times, Dataglobe has established itself as a premier power protection company.


Toshiba G9000 UPS

Achieve minimal downtime & optimum productivity with Dataglobe’s Toshiba UPS maintenance plans.