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Protect your mission Critical systems with Tripp-Lite UPS maintenance solutions from Dataglobe

The batteries and other components that form part of your Tripp Lite UPS are prone to failure if they are not regularly and properly maintained to a high standard. Thoroughly planned UPS maintenance service plans by Dataglobe are essential to any power protection infrastructure. So you can have peace of mind that our proactive approach will ensure risk reduction and system reliability.


Dataglobe ensures your systems are performing as designed.

Proactively planned Tripp-Lite UPS maintenance

At Dataglobe, our team of experts aren’t sitting idle and waiting for power problems to surface in order to solve them. Using the latest technologies, we are always monitoring your infrastructure in order to keep alert about what’s happening in your facility. This allows us to go to the root of the problem and make sure that a power loss can be prevented even before it happens.

Your crucial applications will always be up

We monitor and protect your assets 24/7 to assure a 100% uptime. Our fast response times and top quality support have made us the leader in reliable Tripp Lite UPS services for years. With Dataglobe, you can be sure of an MTTR performance that will never let your systems go offline.


Almost 25 years of experience

Whether your UPS is located in a hospital, airport, factory or university, Dataglobe Canada have been serving the power industry for more than two (2) decades and are familiar with a wide range of UPS models and issues that any situation can throw at us. Hundreds of companies have chosen to partner with Dataglobe throughout Canada because we don’t just provide services, but integrated solutions.

Tried & tested Tripp-Lite UPS solutions

The team of experts at Dataglobe provides a wide range of competitive and comprehensive UPS maintenance packages tailored to your exact needs.

Our plans are crafted to meet your budget expectations and deliver peace of mind.


Boost confidence in your power infrastructure with Dataglobe’s Tripp-Lite UPS maintenance.