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UPS Power System Rental Service (3kVA-1.5MVA)


For over 25 years, Dataglobe Canada has built its reputation as a critical power specialist.  We understand that not everything follows a set plan and that is where our service for UPS rentals helps to fill the void.  For example, in 2020 the world faced an unimaginable global pandemic.  As Canada rushed to secure Covid-19 vaccines, hospitals and vaccination centres from across Canada contacted Dataglobe to help protect their critical power demands.

All of our UPS rentals are high quality systems built to provide reliable power.  These UPS systems come in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 3kVA systems to over 1.5MVA.

UPS Trailer Rentals

Our mobile ups trailers are designed to meet your critical infrastructure power needs.  Coming fully furnished with Switchgear, Maintenance Bypass System, Transformers, Camlock connectors, Automatic Transfer Switch, Precision cooling and other accessories.  These trailers are designed for up to 1.5MVA of power and are an excellent option for rapidly growing data centres or for special events.


UPS Standalone Rentals

Whether your current UPS has failed, or your power demands have increased, Dataglobe Canada offers turnkey solutions to help protect your critical equipment. This includes: Delivery, Installation, Start-Up, Maintenance, Dismantling and Removal of the UPS system. 

UPS Rental Plans

Whether you’re planning to lease or rent a UPS system, we offer flexible plans designed to meet everyone’s unique requirements.  Our plans start from weekly and go up to 20 years.  As a full-service provider, clients don’t have to worry about anything.  Our team of maintenance specialists are there to ensure the continued functionality of the UPS power systems.