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Xtreme Power Conversion UPS Maintenance Services

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Dataglobe is a leading service provider for Xtreme Power Conversion (XPCC) UPS systems across Canada. With a team of specialized service technicians and engineers located throughout Canada, we help our clients ensure that their uninterruptible power supply equipment continues to run as they were designed.

By offering clients a complete turn-key solution, from Sales to Installation to Maintenance to Decommissioning of Xtreme Power Conversion products, Dataglobe streamlines the procurement process, allowing your team to focus on more pressing matters.

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Xtreme Power Conversion UPS Maintenance Services

When business operations are unintentionally interrupted, this produces a ripple effect throughout the organization, which could lead to lost sales, service interruptions, duplication of work by staff, dissatisfaction amongst customers…

Your best solution to prevent a scenario like this is to enroll in our Xtreme Power Conversion preventive & proactive maintenance programs. These programs are designed to minimize the risk of components failing, which ends up causing costly interruptions.

Preventive Maintenance Program

The XPCC preventive maintenance program comprises of a thorough investigation of your UPS system. This investigation is to check that the system is functioning properly. It allows our technicians to collect vital information of your system to identify the status and age of the components, and when they should be replaced in order to avoid downtime. Our technicians are also able to make adjustments that can prolong the life of your equipment and its components.

Proactive Maintenance Program

While the preventive maintenance program provides clients with a complete status report of their Xtreme Power Conversion UPS system, the proactive maintenance program combines the preventive maintenance program and focuses on replacing life-cycle components before they fail. A proactive replacement of these components could greatly reduce the life-cycle cost of ownership of your XPCC system, as not only does it reduce the internal disruptions of business operations, but also the cost to replace or repair secondary components that were impacted by the initial failure.

Corrective Maintenance Program

If your UPS is already experiencing trouble, the corrective maintenance program is the obvious choice. Our team of professionals will analyze the situation and provide you with the best alternatives, so that you could make an informed decision on what next step(s) to take.

Battery Replacement and Monitoring Service

Our team have extensive training with both the VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead Acid) and the Lithium-ion batteries found in Xtreme Power Conversion UPS systems. So whether you need our services to monitor or replace your UPS’ batteries, our technicians have all the tools to ensure a smooth process.

Xtreme Power Conversion UPS & Parts Inventory

Dataglobe maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts in order to ensure our clients’ equipment are able to get back up and running quickly! In the event that the equipment is not able to be put back online, we offer clients flexible UPS rental solutions.

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